Try The Extreme Fried Tarantula While Gambling at Situs Agen Bola in Cambodia

In addition to hunting photo spots and trying extreme rides, there are many other ways to enjoy tourist destinations—one of them with extreme culinary hunting. Besides having an unusual taste, extreme food will also be able to provide culinary hunting that is not forgotten.

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For example, when you were traveling to Cambodia, in addition to exotic natural landscapes, challenging nature, and it’s gambling site as known as situs agen bola, Cambodia was also known for its amazing extreme culinary delights, one of which was fried Tarantula.

Usually, to give it a more flavorful taste, this fried Tarantula will be mixed with additional spices, such as onions, turmeric, salt, and a little sugar. After that, the Tarantula is ready to be fried until cooked, and you can dip it into your favorite sauce or chili sauce.

It is said that the taste of fried Tarantula is very soft and not much different from chicken meat. However, the texture is more crispy and similar to fried insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers, and others.

Fried Tarantulas

For those who are lazy to process it themselves, you can buy this fried Tarantula at several street foods in Cambodia, including in Kampong Cham. This place can be accessed by only traveling for 2 hours from Phnom Penh.

Here, Lo will see a lot of traders selling fried Tarantulas, from the opening of kiosks, carts to hawkers. In essence, fried Tarantula is the most popular menu, and you must taste it during a visit to Cambodia.

The aroma is very fragrant, and the price is very affordable, which is around 1 USD per head. Usually, fried tarantulas become a complementary snack when you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while enjoying a cold beer or rice wine.

History of consumption of fried tarantulas

In fact, the consumption of tarantulas in Cambodia is related to the suffering of the people in the 70s, when the Khmer Rouge government was still in power. At that time, people were starving and tried to find any food that could be consumed, including consuming tarantulas.

Only the difference is that in the past, this Tarantula was cooked by baking or roasting on hot coals. Until now, the habit of consuming fried tarantulas continues. Even in Cambodia, children to adults, all love this extreme food. How are it guys, do you interest to taste it?

And some of the creatures they caught turned out to be very tasty, like silkworms, grasshoppers, scorpions, and tarantulas. The insects then remained a part of Cambodian people’s food after the end of the Khmer Rouge government and the famine.

The tarantulas mostly sold in a small town named Kampong Cham, where you can reach there around 200 km from southeast Siem Reap. Most residents here spend their days hunting tarantula nests.

Tarantula Fried

Once they find it, they kill the spider by crunching it with a stick or soaked it with hot water. Most of the captured spiders end up in the large pan.

Before frying, the spider is soaked into a spice consisting of garlic, sugar, salt, and several other herbs. Then fry the spider in boiling hot oil for 45 seconds.

According to Yin Lucky, it should not fry more than 45 seconds to make the spider feel crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

After being removed from the frying pan, the appearance of the Tarantula did not change, except for a few charred hairs.

There is a cooking class specifically provided for tourists in Cambodia who want to learn to cook spiders, silkworms, and grasshoppers.

This insect cooking class will probably give tourists a unique experience.