7 Quick Cook Tips That Will Save Your Gambling Time While Betting on Agen Bola

Quick-cooking tips are certainly important for you who have a million activities but want to have time to devote a hobby of cooking. In order to still be able to create delicious home-cooked food in the midst of busyness, there are some cooking tips that you must know. Make delicious dishes do not have to bother, really. Come on, see how!

1. Choose ingredients that cook quickly

Cook Tips

Cook practical does not mean just fried eggs, you know. Outsmart by choosing ingredients that are quickly cooked, such as chicken fillets. Beef has the inside, ready-to-use peeled shrimp, or fish fillets. Ingredients that do not need a long process in cooking can cut time in the kitchen.

2. Make a lot of seasoning while betting on agen bola at once

Instead of every cooking must make the seasoning, you should prepare every seasoning at the same time for a week, even a month. Make the type of seasoning according to your needs, such as basic spices such as white spices, red spices, or yellow spices. Make it one-size cook, then keep it in the freezer. It’s easy, right? It is as easy as when you betting on an online soccer gambling such as agen bola. And remember, you can play online gambling with your mobile phone, while you will easily get your cooked meal ready to be served.

3. Create your own frozen food supplies

Instead of buying, you should prepare frozen food yourself at home. You can make dishes that take a long time to cook in large quantities, then divide in one serving. For example, for curry dishes, rendang, meat curry, or stews. Freeze it in the freezer and heat it when it is served.

4. Choose a short cooking technique

No need to linger in the kitchen if you are in a hurry. Outsmart by choosing fast cooking techniques. Choose the type of pan-fried dish rather than having to cover it and then fry it or burn it. Or you can also choose the technique of pan-fried cooking (frying with a little oil) using meat or fish ingredients that are quickly cooked.

5. Serve one-dish meal

This is suitable for you who are lazy to cook several dishes (rice, side dishes, and vegetables) separately or gradually. Look for inspiration through a one-dish meal, which is in one dish. There is a combination of carbohydrates, side dishes, and vegetables. For example, Vegetable Chicken Fried Rice, Kebuli Rice, Rice Cap Cay, or Chicken Soto. You can add the composition of vegetables and side dishes to make it more complete.

6. Use the help of electronic kitchen tools


Some of these kitchen tools will really help your work in the kitchen. For example, a blender, food processor, pressure cooker (presto pan), and a slow cooker. Each tool has a function that can shorten your time in the kitchen. For example, presto pan to accelerate the cooking of meat to make it more tender, a food processor to help grind at the same time mix the dough, and various others.

7. Always provide frozen vegetables ready for use

You can also prepare frozen vegetables at home. Choose the type of vegetables that can be stored in the freezer, for example, carrots, beans, long beans, or broccoli. Store it until almost ripe, then freeze. If you don’t have time, just take it out of the freezer and saute it for a while. No need to cut and wash those vegetables.