Introduction to our Menu

some of the dishes at frizz restaurant, Phnom PenhTogether with our move to Street 240, we have updated our menu with more signature and traditional Cambodian dishes and international cuisine.

E.g. we have added tasty salads and delicious desserts. Here we introduce you to our Khmer menu, international dishes and our specialties.

You can download our entire menu as a .pdf-file (521 Kb). We also do deliveries in central Phnom Penh, see our Deliveries page.

Khmer Dishes

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Cambodian cuisine is finally beginning to win recognition from food lovers for its subtle flavours and its wide range of unique indigenous dishes. Several factors set it apart from neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam.

A Cambodian meal will usually include a soup, or samlor, served alongside the main courses.

Cambodians at an extensive meal

Freshwater fish plays a large part in the diet of most Cambodians, and finds its way into many recipes. With fishermen bringing their catches in daily from the vast Tonle Sap Lake, diners can be assured of freshness.

We use pepper from Kampot in our dishes, one of the best in the world!

Cambodia is blessed with many types of exotic fruits including mangos, mangosteens, rambutans, papaya, dragonfruit and the infamously smelly durian. Of course you can try our fruit salad, but fruits are also used in some of our main courses.

See our extensive menu of Khmer dishes.

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