Our Khmer Specialities

frizz restaurant in Phnom Penh has some specialities, dishes that we are really proud of. Sometimes we refer to the restaurant as the 'Home of the Volcano Pot', or 'Chhnang Phnom Pleung'. And our Fish Amok is one of the best in Phnom Penh. Furthermore, we have weekly specials, advertised on the blackboard in the restaurant.

Please also chheck our Khmer menu and international dishes, or download our entire menu as a .pdf-file (277 Kb).

If you want to enjoy our food in the comfort of your home, please visit our Deliveries page.

Khmer Barbecue

Cambodian barbecue, volcano pot

The Cambodian barbecue is one of the most popular dishes on our menu. No wonder, it's great fun, especially when you're in a group.

In Khmer it's called 'Chhnang Phnom Pleung' or 'Volcano Pot'. There are two variants: one is more like a soup, the one we serve is a proper barbecue heated by charcoal.

You'll get sliced beef, chicken, fish or a combination, which you grill on the charcoal fire. You'll also get a large selection of vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, tomato, cabbage and pineapple.

The trick is to grill ingredients you like on the volcano pot and then wrap it in lettuce to eat. Difficult, but Cambodians are masters in this using chopsticks. Chhnang Phnom Pleung is served with rice.

$5.75 p.p. (min. 2 persons)

Weekly Specials

Every week we present changing specials on the blackboard in the restaurant.

The weekly specials include salads, main dishes, appetizers and desserts, and sometimes special drinks.

Please also check our regular selection of tasty salads and delicious desserts.

Cooking Class

Like to learn cooking Cambodian yourself?
Sign up for a cookery course at the Cambodia Cooking Class. Half day and full day courses.

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