"Cambodia should be proud of her cuisine"

frizz restaurant Phnom Penh dishes“That was the best meal I had in a month of travelling.” A remark by one of the guests at frizz restaurant on Phnom Penh's riverfront.

It is a compliment owner Frits Mulder often gets. When he took over the restaurant two years ago, he decided to specialize in Khmer cuisine.

“On my first visit to Cambodia I was surprised to see that restaurants on the river front offer all kinds of cuisines, but specialized Khmer restaurants are hard to find. That's a shame really, as Cambodia should be proud of her cuisine.”

Since 2004

Cambodian Fish Amok

The restaurant's menu features well-known items like Fish Amok in banana leaves, Samlor Machou and Luc Lac. But there are also some lesser-known dishes, like sausages in banana flower (Trayong Jayk). “That idea came from one of my cooks”, Frits remembers. “Every once in a while I ask the cook to make something I have never had before. About a year ago, she came up with these sausages. I loved them, so I put them on the menu. Now, in our cooking school we also teach others how to prepare these sausages.”

Other popular dishes include Saich Ko Char Manor (sliced stir-fried beef with pineapple, cabbage, tomato and bell pepper) and Trey Bom Poung (fried fish fillets with lettuce, sliced carrot and tomato in a medium spicy sauce). The Cambodian barbeque (Chhnang Phnom Pleung) is a favorite among foreign groups.

Cooking Class

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