Look at These Restaurant With The Best Casino and Agen Bola in Singapore

When the foot stepped into the Casino at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, immediately occurred in the memories of scenes from the film “God of Gambler”. The Hong Kong film “God of Gambler” tells the story of Ko Chun’s reliable gambler, played by Chow Yun-fat. This film is often shown on television channels in Asian Countries. You must have watched it even once.

Resorts World Sentosa

Unfortunately, in the casino area you cannot take photos. The red interior nuances give a zing effect to play for gambling maniacs. If you are visiting Resorts World Sentosa, there’s no harm in stopping by the Casino. Even if you don’t intend to play, looking at casinos can add to your travel experience. Don’t be surprised when you see gamblers. Because the gambling table is not only a monopoly among young people. When we stopped at the Casino, a group of elderly people seemed absorbed in gambling. In fact, at one poker table, a grandmother in a wheelchair looks serious about her card.

What’s on the inside?

Casino which is open 24 hours is always full of gamblers. Be it in the morning, noon, night, even in the middle of the morning. Free coffee and tea are poured at any time to accompany gamblers who stay up all night trying their luck. Every now and then a boisterous voice of celebration celebrates. Not infrequently, the sound of the table break was a sign of frustration because losing was heard. But in general there are only the sounds of card rubbing, poker chips clashing, and slot machines spinning.

Sentosa Casino

“This casino opened in February 2011 and is the first casino in Singapore. Here the best-selling are the Roulette and Slot machines,” said Resorts World Sentosa’s Senior Manager of Communications, Lee Sin Yee. Slot machines are gambling machines that are common in casinos. There are three or more images on the machine consisting of rotating when the button is pressed or the lever is executed. If the jackpot or image comes out the same, then he is the winner.

Indeed, slot machines dominate in this place. There are many forms and images of slot machines. It is said that the person who first got the jackpot on the slot machine in this casino was an Indonesian. People in Indonesia cannot enjoy the environment of a real casinos because it’s not legal in that Country, so for Indonesia people who want to play gambling they need to go at least to Singapore to put their bet. Slot machine is really popular for Indonesian, besides being the easiest to play it is also suitable for beginners. This game really really depends on luck. Moreover, to play on the slot machine is enough to use 10 Singapore dollars with a minimum bet of 1 Singapore dollar. Be careful if you dare to try slot machines, you might not stop playing.

Sentosa Casino Interior

There are also underwater restaurant in Sentosa

In the casino area, there are so many various restaurant that serve food at various prices. one of which is an underwater restaurant. You can enjoy delightly with the underwater view. From there, you can enter the casino just to look around and end with a meal at one of the restaurants. Some even provide menus with prices under 10 Singapore dollars.

Casino at Resots World Sentosa also campaigns for responsible gambling. One of the programs is to provide a “Loss Limit” facility. The player can determine how much money he will play. This is to prevent losses in numbers beyond the limits of ability.

Foreign tourists do not need to pay to enter the casino. Simply by showing a passport, they can automatically enter. Meanwhile, visitors with Singapore citizenship must pay 100 Singapore dollars. This method is solely to prevent local residents from becoming addicted to gambling.