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Discover the subtle flavours of Cambodian cuisine. Traditional Khmer dishes at frizz restaurant.
Our Fish Amok ranks among the best you can have in Cambodia. (see reviews)

We also have some wonderful international courses: steaks, burritos, pastas and more.

See our complete menu or Cambodian cuisine, specialties and international dishes.

Cooking Class

If you would like to learn Cambodian cooking yourself, sign up for a cookery course at the Cambodia Cooking Class. Half day and full day courses.

Cambodian Fish Amok Sticky Rice & Mango Dessert Fruit Drinks Milkshakes Noodle & Shrimp salad frizz restaurant T-shirt & ApronRelocating to Street 240 in Phnom Penh gave us the opportunity to build a cosier atmosphere, while still expressing our view: fresh and clean. We are proud of the positive reviews from patrons, guide books, travel agencies and travel websites. frizz restaurant is easy to find, we are right behind the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. See our location on the map. After many guests in our restaurant asked us about the ingredients and the preparation of the dishes, we decided to start a cooking class. The popular cookery course has been running since 2005. We are proud that more and more people are now aware that traditional Khmer food is delicious. The cookery class is located on a breezy rooftop terrace close to the restaurant.
Free Wi-Fi at frizz, free internet access
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